Ashley Fitzgerald

Co-Founder & Brand Director of Glow Coast Medical Spa

This story begins in 2010. I was 16 years old and eager to gain work experience in the medical field. The team at  Milford Vascular quickly became my summer family. After a few rather uneventful summers, we welcomed an aspiring PA student to the team, Amanda Hershman.


We quickly bonded over difficult patients, long hours, boy drama, and beauty. Overtime, Amanda's path changed from PA to RN. I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematic, but needed a full time, flexible position, close to home. So I returned to MVI. We each loved Milford Vascular, but we wanted more. 

In 2019, Amanda graduated with her RN and more was gifted to us by Dr. Esposito. He gave us a golden ticket and told us to build a medical spa. We pooled our talents and began to cultivate a community where women and men could come to feel and look their best. From this Glow Coast Medical Spa was born. 

Life is sweeter on the Coast. Come visit us...