Amanda Hershman, RN-BSN

Co-Founder of  Glow Coast Medical Spa

Amanda Hershman, RN treating patient wit

I’ve had a passion for aesthetics and the beauty industry for a very long time and although it might sound vein.. Two years ago I graduated nursing school and was fortunate to have the opportunity to open an aesthetics division at MVI and the glow bar was born. 


We knew it as vitamins botox and fillers. Over time as I was treating patients and all of our skin suffered thorough the pandemic-  masks N95 stress of the unknown I learned that there is so much more I can be doing for you- and your skin- in prolonging treatment reversing acne damage, treating melasma rosacea, and everything in between that injectables- what most people know of when they think aesthetics are just the top of the ice burg. 


Curing our skin issues- from hormonal stress anxiety masks acne doesn’t just go away. Although Botox and filler‘s can smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles an a peel can help prevent and treat breakouts- there are so many more treatments that we can do to help correct treat enhance and make feel confident in the skin that you’re in. 

Glow Coast is not just a place for Aesthetics but it’s a place for the skin as well- the skin that were in is so unique and so different and like other things in life sometimes we neglect it or put it through the ringer-  whether it be basking in the sun not taking our makeup off or simply just touching our faces!


aesthetics for me is not just injectables it’s treatments and services that you can do for yourself to make you feel confident in the skin that you’re in-better because when you feel good you look good. How many times has a bad hair day ruined your mood- or a

Big event and bam the largest pimple or suddenly you look in the mirror and have aged due to responsibilities and life you have?

Let’s coast through life and ride each wave- even when it gets a bit choppy I want to help coast the aging process one trip at a time. Staying to our root of glowing from within treatment plans products and services will be offered and followed to help correct and make you feel better about yourself. Let’s edit glow and go!

Amanda Hershman, RN juggling Vitamin Coc