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Laser Treatments 

We harness the power of advanced laser technology to refine, restore, and rejuvenate your appearance. Our toolbox is laser services is designed to meet a variety of needs, ensuring that whatever your skin concern, we have a high-tech solution to zap it away!

At Glow Coast Medical Spa, each laser treatment is tailored to your specific needs, guided by our expert team's commitment to safety, effectiveness, and your ultimate satisfaction. Embark on your journey to flawless skin and confidence—our lasers are ready when you are!



Unveil your brightest, most even-toned complexion with IPL treatments. Targeting dark spots from the sun and signs of aging, our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments work magic by drawing pigments to the surface. After treatment, these pigments darken—resembling coffee grounds—before gently sloughing off over the next 3-5 days, revealing fresher, revitalized skin beneath.

We prioritize your comfort. Patients receive numbing before the treatment to ensure a pleasant experience, with the sensation often compared to a gentle "rubber band" snap.

The number of sessions needed varies based on the pigment's response, but most of our clients achieve their best results after 3-6 sessions. We space these sessions 4-6 weeks apart to safely and effectively enhance your skin's natural luminance. Please note, it's essential to avoid sun exposure, sunburns, and self-tanners 72 hours before each session to prevent any risk of hypopigmentation.

Experience the transformative power of IPL for just $300 per area, per session

Vascular laser for Facial Veins

Vascular Laser for Facial Veins and Rosacea: Minimize the appearance of facial veins and calm the redness of rosacea with our specialized vascular laser treatments. These precise treatments reduce vascular imperfections, enhancing your skin’s natural beauty without downtime. 

Erbium Laser

Erbium Laser for Skin Resurfacing: Achieve flawless skin with our Erbium laser treatments. Ideal for tackling fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, this laser skin resurfacing technique gently removes the outer layers of skin, promoting regeneration and a youthful, vibrant complexion.

Laser Hair Removal

  Laser Hair Removal: Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, silky skin. Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal system offers a lasting solution for reducing hair growth, ensuring you enjoy low-maintenance beauty every day.

What areas can be treated?

Laser hair removal treatments can be performed on the back, legs, arms, underarms, chest, bikini area, beard, lips, hands, toes, and hair line. The Spectrum Diode laser can be used on all skin types and colors. 

What to expect during a laser hair removal treatment:

It is recommended to come with the area shaven to allow the laser to directly treat the root of the hair. You will be given a pair of goggles to protect your eyes during treatment. 

How frequently will i need treatments?

It is recommended for patients to have 8-12 sessions every 4-5 weeks.

What to expect after a laser hair removal treatment:

The procedures are fast and there is generally no down time. The initial sensation is much like sunburn. Care must be taken after treatment to ensure infection and skin damage does not occur. Potential complications include burning, scarring, or hypopigmentation [no color in the skin].


Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal: Ready to part ways with your ink? Our laser tattoo removal service uses targeted laser energy to break down ink particles, gradually fading tattoos without harming the surrounding skin.     

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Spectrum laser uses "Gold Standard" Q-Switched technology to remove unwanted tattoos. The dual wavelength laser targets specific ink pigments. The tattoo ink is then broken down into tiny particles that are small enough so that the body's own natural immune system can flush them away. 

Who can be treated?

The Spectrum laser can be used on all skin colors. However, some considerations to keep in mind are the ink colors; some colors like black, blue and red are relatively easy to remove. Lighter colors are relatively easily faded; yellows and greens are the most difficult to treat.

What to expect during a Laser tattoo removal treatment:

Your practitioner will consult you before treatment taking a history of health and skin and photograph the area. At your consultation, you will be given a numbing cream. You are to apply this cream one hour before treatment. This treatment can be very uncomfortable, so proper numbing is very important. You will be given a pair of glasses to protect your eyes during treatment. 

How many treatments will you  need?

There are a few factors which determine the number of treatments you may require; skin type, tattoo color, and tattoo complexity. Most tattoos can be removed within 3 to 12 session spaced 8 to 12 weeks apart.

What to expect after a Laser Tattoo removal treatment:

The initial sensation is much like sunburn. Care must be taken after treatment to ensure infection and skin damage does not occur. Potential complications include burning, scarring, hypopigmentation [no color in the skin] and incomplete tattoo removal. 

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