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Microneedling Treatments

Microneedeling is a skincare treatment that stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanisms. By creating precise micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, this innovative procedure initiates an incredible regeneration process. These tiny punctures accelerate cell turnover and significantly improve a variety of skin concerns, including acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and uneven texture.

At Glow Coast Medical Spa, we offer a range of microneedling options to cater to your unique skin needs for glowing results:

  • Classic Microneedling: Perfect for beginners looking to rejuvenate their skin naturally.

  • Microneedling with Exosomes: Enhances the healing process by using exosomes to promote cellular communication, ideal for more dramatic anti-aging effects.

  • Firming Accelerator Microneedling: Targets elasticity and firmness, revitalizing sagging skin and deep wrinkles.

  • RF Microneedling: Combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to tighten skin and enhance collagen production for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Each type of microneedling is beneficial for a variety of concerns, after an initial consultation we will create a plan to determine to best treatment for you!

Classic Microneedling $275/session


"Classic microneedling at Glowcoast is our standard Microneedeling. a proven treatment that revitalizes your skin by initiating its natural healing processes. This treatment effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production, reducing acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, texture, and refining pores for a smoother complexion.

Following the microneedling session, we enhance the healing with a light peel to further improve skin texture and tone. To extend and maximize the benefits of your visit, we also provide customized topical skincare products after each treatment. These are specifically selected to continue the treatment’s positive effects, ensuring that your skin keeps improving long after we put the work in!

Microneedeling with Exosomes $550/session

Microneedling, when combined with exosomes, offers a profoundly regenerative experience that revitalizes your skin at the cellular level. Exosomes are tiny vesicles that have the ability to facilitate extraordinary cellular processes, including the transfer of proteins, DNA, and RNA. When used in skincare, they function by mimicking hundreds of growth factors that are essential for cell communication and regeneration.

During a microneedling session at Glow Coast Medical Spa, these powerful exosomes are delivered directly into the skin. The process creates micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s natural healing response, while the exosomes enhance this process by promoting the renewal of skin cells. This dual-action approach not only accelerates the repair and regeneration of the skin but also provides a sustained release of growth factors that continuously work to hydrate, smooth, and even out the skin’s appearance.

RF Microneedling $600/session

RF microneedling is an innovative service that combines the classic microneedling technique with the advanced technology of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy for superior skin tightening and rejuvenation. At Glow Coast Medical Spa, we utilize the state-of-the-art PiXel8-RF system by Rohrer Aesthetics, which integrates minimally invasive microneedles with RF energy to enhance skin firmness with minimal downtime.

This treatment drives heat deep into the skin layers, stimulating collagen remodeling and encouraging the regeneration of elastin cells. The result is a noticeably firmer, smoother, and more refined skin texture.

Interested in discovering the transformative benefits of RF microneedling? We invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about the treatment and explore our pricing packages tailored to your skin care needs.

Strokes of Cream

Who can be treated?

Microneedeling is great for almost any skin concern and patients of all ages! It is also pregnancy and breast feeding safe, with each treatment customized to your skincare needs and overal health!

What to expect after a microneedling treatment:

After the treatment, the skin gets "cooled down" with a phyto treatment to cool down the outer layer, followed by topical medical grade skincare to allow for further treatment and absorption. Skin will be slight red- red for 24 hours. We recommended washing your face the next day and to always apply SPF. 

What to expect during a microneedling treatment:

Before the treatment, your provider will numb your face with numbing cream. Once the cream has taken effect, it will be removed entirely from the face (don't worry, you'll still be numb!) Based on the Microneedeling treatment, either HA, Exosomes, or firming complex will be applied for the Microneedeling. It causes micro-injuries to the skin to repair and rebuild the skin surface and texture to come back improved, ridding topical scaring, texture, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. There is minimal discomfort (some patients even say it is relaxing!) The treatment itself takes 30-45 minuets.

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