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Injectable Dermal Fillers

Over time, it's natural for our faces to lose subcutaneous fat, leading to a decrease in youthful plumpness and contour. That's where HA fillers come in! They are composed of HA (hyaluronic acid, our bodies natural hydrator) and varies based on "weight," to mimic the natural anatomy to replenishing volume loss. We always say you do not put water where you need cement, and cement where you need water! The precise application and technique of filler placement are crucial in achieving optimal facial symmetry and proportion. The specific type of dermal filler selected depends on the targeted areas of the face, ensuring enough support to lift, subtly fill, and decrease chances of migration or looking too "firm."

Filler's are also commonly used to treat asymmetry, the right and left side can vary from millimeters in difference to more drastic asymmetry, the technique we use provides a full assessment that allows for a ratio of filler customized for each side and area of the face.

At a consult we will further discuss the areas of concerns while providing our expansive knowledge to better treat the face from a holistic approach. Filler is not a one size fits all, similar to neurotoxins, how your body absorbs filler as well as initial face and skin presentation to ensure the best filler for you as well as the areas we want to enhance or decrease is perfectly proportionate! We use the collection of Juvaderm and Restylane, our tool box filled, ready for you!


**Nervous for your first time filler appointment? let us know! We know needles can be, well, needles, and want your comfort before, during, and after the appointment. We have topical numbing, ice, and distracting tools for during your appointment. If you have a history of fainting (we have all been there!) we recommend having a little snack and lots of water before!**

Typical Treatment

The entire process takes about 45 mins. We will review your medical history and examine the condition to be treated. We will talk about your areas of concern and assess the face to any asymmetry. We will then clean and numb the area. Very little redness/ swelling will occur after. Bruising can also happen and is recommended not to take Advil/ ibuprofen 48 hours before. Pricing is $650-850 depending on filler used.



If you take any blood thinners or NSAIDs, you should stop them two weeks prior to injection with the approval of your prescribing doctor. One hour before your appointment, you will be asked to apply a numbing cream to the area we will be treating. 

After 5-15 minuets of numbing, area dependent, we will start the injection process! The filler itself has numbing in it, which creates a comfortable environment throughout the process!

You can resume normal activity after injections immediately. The few activities to avoid are exercising and "face planting" into a pillow imedeately following injections! 

Each area will come with given post treatment instructions.

Filler results are seen right away but will continue to absorb into the tissues like a sponge in water over the next two weeks. After, we will asses the treatment and provide a follow up timeline to maintain results!


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